Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Before A Missed Period

Even before a missed period, the initial signs of pregnancy may appear. These symptoms appear early due to the shift in hormones. Hence, tiny changes take place in your body and give you the alert that you might be pregnant even before a positive pregnancy test. Furthermore, you may experience these early pregnancy symptoms up to a week before a positive pregnancy test.This is because at such a time, there are less pregnancy hormones circulating in your body to warrant a positive pregnancy test.

Hence, this write-up is intended to give you the top 5 symptoms of pregnancy before a missed period.

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1. Abdominal Cramps

Most women experience cramps early in pregnancy. These abdominal cramps are as a result of the embryo implanting in the uterus. Implantation occurs approximately ten days after ovulation, which is about 4 to 6 days before a missed period would occur. Nonetheless, you should not confuse early pregnancy cramps with the menstrual cramps.

2. Nausea

Nausea is an early indicator of pregnancy. Most women experience this nagging feeling as soon as one week after conception. Hence, it implies that they experience nausea a full week before a missed period. Nausea will occur with or without vomiting and can persist all day long. This disturbing experience is as a result of changes in hormones due to pregnancy.

3. Frequent urination

Hormonal changes early in pregnancy boost the speed of blood flow to the kidneys. Hence, it implies that your urine bladder fills up quickly leading to the desire to urinate more often. For most women, frequent urination is the first visible symptom of pregnancy, even before a missed period. Nonetheless, the frequent urination is bound to continue right up until delivery. It will even intensify as the baby gets grows.

4. Spotting

Spotting occurs roughly 10 to 14 days after conception as a result of the fertilized egg attaching itself to the uterus. Hence, it implies that you are likely to experience spotting a few days before a missed period. Therefore, if you do not realize other pregnancy symptoms, you may think that your period is starting a few days early. You may experience spotting simultaneously with abdominal cramping.

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5. Slight increase in basal body temperature

A woman`s basal body temperature is bound to increase slightly immediately after the egg has been fertilized. Ovulation will elevate the basal body temperature slightly. Nonetheless, if the egg is not fertilized, the temperature will return to normal after approximately two weeks. Therefore, when you realize that your basal body temperature remains elevated, then there is a better chance that a pregnancy has occurred.